Sushma Service Partner Zirakpur

Sushma Service Partner Zirakpur

	 Sushma Service Partner Zirakpur

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Sushma Service Partner Question & Answers

Q:- What is the meaning of Sushma Service Partner?

Service Partner is a term used for RERA Registered Real Estate agents working with the builder to sell the inventories.

Q:- Why it is compulsory to visit Sushma Buildtech Ltd. Projects with a service partner?

Sushma Buildtech Ltd sells its flats exclusively through authorized service partners. as per company sales policy it is mandatory to accompany channel partner for site visit.

The company sells its inventory exclusively through RERA registered service partners only.

Q:- Who is eligible to become a Sushma Service Partner?

A RERA Approved real estate agent can apply to become service partner of sushma buildtech ltd.

We are Sushma Service Partner and provide services for all Sushma residential and commercial projects.

Q:- What does a Sushma Service Partner Do?

A service partner acts as an extended sales team of the builder and provide pre and post sale services to the clients.

Q:- What is the name of Service Partners of Sushma Buildtech Ltd. Zirakpur?

Reality Solutions is the premium and registered service partners of Sushma builders zirakpur.

Q:- What is the mobile no of Sushma Service Partners?

85 588 588 11 & 85 588 588 22 are Mobile numbers of authorized service partners.

Q:- What is the address or location of Sushma Service partners?

Address & location of sushma service partners is

Sushma Service partners

Chandigarh Patiala highways

Zirakpur – 140603

Q:- Why Sushma Service Partners are required?

Sushma Service Partners are well trained Project experts with required real estate knowledge and experience. They provide post Sales service, discount schemes and document service to the clients.

Q:- How to verify official Sushma Service partners?

Check out the QR Code with service partners provided by the sushma buildtech ltd company.

Q:- What is the meaning of “Sushma Service Partner”?

Sushma Service Partners is a term used for Authorised & registered service providers of Sushma Buildtech ltd.

Q:- Who are Service Partners of Sushma Buildtech Zirakpur?

Reality Solutions is one of the Oldest Service partners of Sushma Buildtech Ltd..

Q:- What is the Contact number of Sushma Service Partners?

Mobile numbers of Sushma Service Partners are 8558858822.

Q:- What are the Delivered Projects by Sushma?

Delivered Projects By Sushma Buildtech Ltd.

1. Joynest ZRK1

2. SUSHMA Capital

3. SUSHMA Infinium (Possession Started)

4. SUSHMA Grande (Possession Started)

5. Homework (Possession Started)

6. SUSHMA Crescent (Possession Started)

7. SUSHMA Elite Cross

8. SUSHMA Green Vista

9. SUSHMA Urban Views

10. SUSHMA Atrium

11. SUSHMA Urban Plaza

12. SUSHMA Villas

13. Joynest MOH1

On-Going Projects By Sushma Buildtech Ltd.

1. SUSHMA Valencia

2. SUSHMA Grande Nxt

3. Joynest MOH.1

4. SUSHMA Pristine

5. SUSHMA Crescent

6. SUSHMA Metropol

7. Elementa

8. Sushma Belleza

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